Hidden Spot for Bangkok Night Cityscape (Free Entry)

Hidden Spot for Bangkok Night Cityscape (Free Entry)

As you may know that, to get beautiful pictures of Bangkok Cityscape, you have to pay some entrance fees. In this post, I have just found a place that is really cool and easy to access (importantly it’s free !) for travellers as well as some serious photographers.

Yesterday, I joined the photography workshop about Cityscape Photography & Digital Processing at Prime Hotel Central Station Bangkok. The workshop led by local photographer and tour agency – I have learned a lot about this topic. In the evening, it’s time for us to go to the site standby for shooting, we moved from workhop room at 15th floor to 14th floor. Around 6:30PM, the sun started to set and the sky turned to blue with city lights appeared in many places. Many people enjoyed taking photos, some enjoyed recording a timelapse.

Things to bringDo not forget to bring a tripod if you like to take timelapse or merge photos (from multiple exposures in Photoshop) – actually you can place your camera on the stone balcony but it’s difficult to manage your camera angles.


Bangkok Cityscape during blue hour with streams of light from vehicles


Bangkok Cityscape before sunset


Private workstation


Waiting for blue hour

Prime Hotel Central Station Bangkok

Location: 14th Floor. The hotel is located adjecent to Bangkok Railway Station (Hualamphong). 5minutes walk from MRT Hualamphong station.

Prime Hotel Central Station Bangkok Location.JPG


Prime Hotel Central Station Bangkok Location - 1.JPG

Credit: 玉巻宏章

This is a perfect spot for all photographers and travelers who would like to see traffic of Bangkok life. Upon arrival the place, take the elevator to 14th floor and  just let hotel staff know that you would like to take photos and they will open the door for you. When you finished your visit, you can travel to Bangkok Chinatown for dinner, walk around 15 minutes or ride a Tuk-Tuk/Motorbike to get there.

Hope you enjoy beautiful sceneries in Bangkok !



Panupong Yokyongsakul

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