Why I love sharing photos on Google Maps

“A picture is worth a thousand words” | Why I love sharing photos on Google Maps

Hi everyone!

My name is Panupong Yokyongsakul or you can call me Sun. I’m a Local Guide from Bangkok, Thailand. I have been a Local Guide since 2015 and my favorite way of contribution is sharing photos on Google Maps.

My passion in photography started when I was in high school, continued to university and working life. Throwback to my first trip to overseas – Singapore in 2004, at that time. I got my first compact camera as a gift from my dad.

I remembered that camera and paper maps are the most important companion items wherever I go. Such paper maps could help me ensure that I would not get lost.


Singapore, my first trip to overseas. Today, this small island has changed a lot due to development of new infrastructures, skyscrapers, buildings and public transportation systems.

Rise of Internet & Digital Connectivity

According to the growth of internet and digital connectivity about ten years later, Google Maps has become my travel companion as it is always with me wherever I go and giving me the best directions.

My life has changed when I joined the Local Guides Program as this program allows all users to help contribute to Google Maps to make the Maps alive.

For me, integration of Google Maps and Local Guides supports me a lot in searching information of places, planning my trip itineraries and collecting photos like personal trip diaries.

Apart from benefits I got, it is also the best place to help all worldwide users obtain desired information through my reviews and photos as well as promote and support local businesses by adding/editing information.


Aerial view of Blue Container, private accommodation in Cha-Am. When I visited and uploaded this photo, the owners asked me to use this photo as their profile picture

In July 2017, it was a great opportunity for me and some Local Guides in Bangkok to join the official event as part of “Eat Like A Local” campaign. Local Guides Team came here to arrange a mini Food Photography workshop cooperated with BKKMenu Thailand’s famous food blog.

From this workshop, we have learned about how to prepare dishes for photo-shooting, how to set their own cameras, etc. I really enjoy taking photos of food as well as cafés and restaurants ever since.

Eat Like A Local - 22.jpg

Prepare dishes before shooting to make the scene to be neat. Shooting with DSLR camera could help enhance quality of photos.

Eat Like A Local - 4.jpg

Top view can make photo looks great.

Whenever I go to any café or restaurant, I love to take photos of restaurant atmosphere and menu to show information about prices and pictures.

I consider that price is another condition for people to make a decision – mostly they love one that is affordable and look tasty. Well-decoration and ambiance of the restaurant also matters.


Food Center at Suan Plern Market, Bangkok

Development of DSLR & Smartphone Photos Quality

Nowadays, quality of photos from DSLR including smartphone cameras has been impressively developed than ever before at the same time as photo-editor applications to help process the photos so it is now easier for Local Guides to upload good photos on Google Maps.


The Grands Palace, Bangkok


Giant Swing, Bangkok

Webp.net-resizeimage (1).jpg

Wat Asokaram, Samut Prakan

Below photo is one of my all-time favorite photos uploaded on Google Maps. It was also submitted to public photo contest in Thailand and awarded the prize – I am really proud of that.

Bang Pu.jpg

“Freedom of birds” This photo was taken at Bang Pu Recreation Center, Samut Prakan.

So far, I have got 12,000+ photos with more than 180 Million views of photos and still counting (that’s surprised me a lot and it makes my Local Guides journey so wonderful).


Massive Photo Views !!

Recently, I was traveling to Bangkok Chinatown for preparing my Connect Live 2019 application.

I have made a list of top ten recommended places to eat like a local that all foodies should not absolutely miss and to make this trip special, I did’t forget to snap some photos of Chinatown market during night time.

10 Must-Eat Places in Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat)


Tuk Tuk & Night Market in Chinatown Yaowarat

From all this, I strongly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I have learned that good photos do not only help promote local places and business listings, they are also attractive, meaningful and inspirational to people from all over the world, starting to explore and see such places through their eyes.

Eventually, I would say this is my happiness and passion in taking photos, contributing to Google Maps and being a Local Guide.

All the best to you !

Sun Panupong Yokyongsakul


My Connect Live 2019 Application Video

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