[Tips] How to upload multiple photos to Google Maps

[Tips] How to upload multiple photos to Google Maps from your smartphone

Yesterday, I went to three parks in my community for running and took a lot of photos. I am passionate in taking photos and photo uploading to Google Maps is my hobby when I travel or even run.






However, I have encountered some problems when I have a lot of photos in my smartphone to upload to Google Maps application for years. I tried to choose the place first, then select the photos to upload from place to place. In many cases, automatic selection from the app did not cover all the photos I would like to upload.


Recently, I have just discovered the easier way to upload multiple photos directly from Gallery app on your smartphone. Let’s take a look at this.


Note: I’m using Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus on Android Version 9 but I think it could do almost the same way on iOS.


0. This is a ground rule. It is needed to ensure that location service for Google Maps is turned ON.


Screenshot_20190407-210525_Package installer.jpg



1. Tap the button on the top-right it will show a drop-down menu, then choose the “Share”.





2. From there, you can select your photos (as many as you want) then choose the “Share” below the photo gallery.





3. Then, select “Add to Maps” or Google Maps application.





4. All selected photos will automatically transferred to the app with suggested location at the top of page – for example, Queen Sirikit Park. Then, tap “Post” to complete.





Hope this post could help you easier upload your photos and enjoy contributing to Google Maps ! 😀





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