Best spots to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Best spots to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Season of cherry blossom a.k.a Sakura is nearly coming to Tokyo where regarded as one of the most beautiful places on earth to see the cherry blossoms. According to the forecast, estimated best viewing in Tokyo will be from late March to early April for this year.

Let’s throwback to the trip to Tokyo, Japan in 2017. My aim was to enjoy the Sakura season in Tokyo and it was very lucky for me to be in the most “full-bloom” moment.

I hope this article will help all Local Guides find some good places to take photos of cherry blossoms 🙂


1. Chidorigafuchi 

Location >>

How to get there >> Kudanshita Station 

Chidorigafuchi is very famous for Japanese locals to see the cherry blossoms during day and night time.


Cherry Blossom a.k.a. Sakura

To get this view, you can walk to here, just opposite to the Chidorigafuchi boat parking.


Chidorigafuchi Park in the evening

This photo taken from a photo spot near Kudanzaka park – just a few steps from the station. During the golden hours (10-15 min after the sunset), it is the best time to take photo from this view.


2. Ueno Park

Location >>

How to get there >> Ueno Station 


One of the most famous parks in Tokyo, Ueno park is always crowded in every season due to its lively and joyful atmosphere.



It is always crowded.



Local Japanese love to sit down and enjoy the cherry blossoms during the day – called “Hanami”.

3. Shinjuku Gyoen 

Location >>

How to get there >> 10 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station 

Shinjuku Gyoen is also full of locals during Spring season. It is a good place for Japanese people at all ages to sit down and relax.


17545530_10212039058353196_1521702616890240409_o.jpgTake a closer look


4. Sumida Park

Location >>

How to get there >> A few steps from Asaskusa Station

Sumida park is another popular place to enjoy the cherry blossoms. This place offers you a view of cherry blossoms along the river with Tokyo Skytree as a background.



Original Sakura


On the bridge across the Sumida River



Sumida Park


5. Meguro River

Location >>

How to get there >> 500 meters from Naka Meguro Station


Photo spot at Meguro River is situated along a concrete canal with cherry blossom trees at both sides of the river.



Cherry blossom trees at both sides of the river

Finally, one last Sakura shot with Japanese local in Ueno area to make this photo perfect 😀





Panupong Yokyongsakul

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