Explore Miniature in Bangkok Chinatown

Explore Miniature “Lhong Tou Cafe” in Bangkok Chinatown

Last week, I was traveling to Bangkok Chinatown with parents. The purpose is to visit local temple for worship and have a mini food walk in this famous tourist attraction in the heart of Bangkok.


Explore Miniature cafe in Bangkok Chinatown

First Stop, we went to Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Wat Leng Noei Yi) for worship normally as Buddhists do. Many people are coming to visit and worship even the Chinese New Year festival has passed for couples of weeks. Behind the temple, there is the school where is still running to educate local children as part of the temple.



Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Wat Leng Noei Yi)

After that, we walked through the Chinatown and some food stalls started to open at the same time as tourists came to have something to eat. While we’re walking, we found an interesting place for our dinner. So many people were standing/sitting in front of that place and I wondered why it is so popular – “Lhong Tou Cafe” is the name of that place.

We arrived quite early and needed to queue as this cafe has limited seats for customers (that’s why I called miniature cafe). During waiting, it was nearly in blue hour (about 10-15 minutes after sunset) and I didn’t forget to snap picture of Bangkok Chinatown at night.



Classic scene of Bangkok Chinatown at Night

2 hours later, it’s time for our queue to go inside the cafe and order..


“Lhong Tou” in Chinese, means “Dragon’s Head”


Elevated seats could significantly save space in the cafe.


View from the elevated seats.




This is what we ordered.

Main highlight dish is Chinese breakfast Set which comprises home-cooked congee and various side dishes e.g. Chinese sausages boiled peanuts, dried shredded pork, sweet radish and vegetables. Mala fried chicken (top left) is also good.

Coffee is another signature for this cafe, unfortunately there are no spaces in our stomach. 😛

[+] Well-decorated stylish cafe with reasonable price. Perfect for cafe hoppers or people those would like to take good food photos.

[-] Bad restaurant traffic in the evening – spent 2 hrs waiting (better to go there in the morning).

To sum up, this cafe is great for those who never try food experience like this.



Panupong Yokyongsakul

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